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Join us in the woods to celebrate your child's birthday!

With our swings, hammocks, mud kitchen, digging area, tool area, den building, water pump and climbing to explore in and around our woodland base, we will tailor make your child's party, and provide all that you need to relax and enjoy the day with your child and their guests. We only book one party per session, so the site is for your exclusive use.

You can choose one of our themes to be incorporated into the party, or let us go freestyle and create a woodland party just for you!

Dinosaur Party 

Fairy Party 

Unicorn Party 

Survival Party

Minibeast Party

Craft Party 

Witches and Wizards Party

Party Booking Info

Our parties are suitable for ages 3+. 

All parties last for 2 1/2 hours and run 10.30 am -1pm or 2pm - 4.30 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, March-October.

Parties include a Campfire lunch of hot dogs in rolls ('proper' sausages, not tinned!) with crisps and veg sticks, drinks and marshmallows to toast.  Just bring a cake!

We provide two staff members to run your party, and we require adults from your party to stay with the children throughout. (The number of adults we require to stay depends on the number and ages of guests).  At our parties, children remain the responsibility of the party host at all times. 



£13.99 per child

Minimum booking 15

Maximum booking 25  


We can also provide optional extras of:

Hot Dogs for Adults (Tray of 12 plus tea and coffee £20)

Cake assortment for Adults (Tray of assorted cakes (24 slices/pieces) plus tea and coffee £18)

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