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What is Forest School?

Forest School is an inspirational process that allows all learners the opportunity to develop personal, social and hands-on skills in the natural environment.

Young people are enabled to take supported risks and challenge themselves, learning with others in their Forest School community.

The Forest School approach sits within and complements the wider context of outdoor education.  A grassroots movement, Forest School in the UK has grown from its Scandinavian roots, where an outdoor, child-led approach known as 'frulitsliv' - literally 'free air life' is a way of life.

Forest School is growing, as a response to the realisation that today's children are spending less and less time outdoors and opportunities for them to have free access to natural areas are reduced.

What will my child experience at Forest School?

The process is learner-led, with children being given space and freedom to explore, discover and initiate their own play and learning.

Each visit to the woods is to the same place, but every day's story is different.  With the changing seasons, different opportunities for play and learning emerge.  From mud slides, shelter building and warming campfires, to water play, dens and tree identification, to tool use, projects, games, crafts, green woodwork, archery, mud kitchen, rope swings, tree climbing, hanging swinging, rolling, exploring .. the possibilities are endless and there is something for everyone at Forest School.

What should my child wear for Forest School?

Click on the documents to view Kit List.

Do you undertake Risk Assessments?  Are the Staff DBS checked?

We carry out comprehensive Risk Assessments for all our activities.  You are welcome to view our Risk Assessments, Policies and Procedures.  All of our Staff hold up-to-date DBS certificates, have undergone Safeguarding training and are fully insured. Click on the document to read our Safeguarding Policy.

What about bad weather?  Do you go indoors?

Forest School runs outdoors whatever the weather, with the exception of very high winds (due to the danger of falling branches/debris) or the site being inaccessible due to extreme weather (i.e flooding).

The site has areas of shelter which provide effective shelter and shade.  In extreme weather (cold/wet/sun), additional shelter is provided in the form of temporary tarpaulin shelters erected prior to or during the session with participants involvement. 

In cold weather, a fire will be lit.  In winter months, extra staff will be brought in to meet the ratios for this.  In cold weather, lots of movement is encouraged; in hot weather, frequent rests in the shade.

Children are required to wear weather appropriate outdoor clothing that can get dirty.  Sturdy footwear, ideally warm and waterproof, should be worn.  A comprehensive summer and winter kit list is provided to all parents/carers of attendees of Out There Forest School. 

What is your Refund Policy?

Booked sessions are non-refundable.  In the unlikely event that we have to cancel a session, for example due to severe and dangerous bad weather, you will be offered a full refund of the session fee, or an account credit to use for an alternative session, whichever you prefer.

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